Win a Dell Netbook from Vodafone

You may have caught Vodafone Live Guy over the last few weeks, doing his tour of the country giving away some Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbooks with built in mobile broadband. I’ve been following his progress over the last 2 weeks, trying to guess where he is and occasionally getting it right, I just never managed to get out and chase him round and was never lucky with the online chase (too many meetings to play in time)

If you missed him too, here’s chance to get your hands on the new netbook. Through the nice people at Outside Line and Vodafone, I’ve got one of the Dells to give away.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (used with permission from Outside Line/Vodafone)
Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (used with permission from Outside Line/Vodafone)

The Contest: Using the built-in mobile broadband or the wifi, you can use the netbook all over the place, without having to lug a big laptop around or remember your dongle. So, tell me the most unusual place you’d want to use your Inspiron Mini 9 if you won it – and why. The winner will be judged on originality and wit.

How to enter: Tell me the most unusual place you plan to use your netbook and why, in the comments below – you can add your entry there or add a link to your blog post, video or comic strip, whatever medium you want to use. Please note that comments are moderated, so there’s a good chance you won’t see your comment immediately and depending on how far away from a computer it may be a while. If you get concerned, email me!

Entries close: 12 noon GMT on Friday 5 December 2008

Judges: as this is a subjective contest, I’ve got some judges to help me. Ewan Spence is the first, the Eurovision-loving, mobile-geek-blogging, kilt-wearing Scotsman. Second is Lex De Wynter, a colleague who knows a completely different set of people.

Judging Criteria: As I said before, the key criteria are originality and wit. Make us smile, make us marvel, either from your choice of location or your presentation. The winner will be the one that all 3 judges agree is our favourite.

The Prize: A Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook, running Windows XP, with built-in mobile broadband. The computer will come with 3 months pre-paid connection with Vodafone, after which you will have the opportunity to extend; if not, you’ve still got the wifi-enabled computer. (a normal contract is 24 months starting at 25GBP)

The Rules

There has to be rules.

  • Contest is open to UK residents only. It will be only be shipped to the UK and the service is UK based.
  • Judges decision is final.
  • Digital Stuffing (ie me) is not responsible for any issues with service or the device. Your ‘contract’ will be with Vodafone.
  • The prize will be sent to you direct by Outsideline/Vodafone – I’ll never see it. If there are any issues with delivery, I’ll let you know.
  • The prize winner will be announced here on Sunday 7th December 2008
  • No purchase required
  • You must have a valid email address so you are contactable to get details if you win. Enter your email address in the comment field – the only one who sees it is me.

This work, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England License.

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16 Responses to Win a Dell Netbook from Vodafone

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  2. I’ll combine both forms of surfing – on Porthmeor Beach in St Ives on New Years Day. Last year I didn’t manage to get in the water but this year i’m promising to do so – and if I win I’ll post pictures live from the beach. The shivering might mean the pics are a little out of focus though.

  3. Chris Davies says:

    I plan to use my Mini 9 in the stratosphere, sending it up to an altitude of 29Km attached to a sounding balloon to take pictures in near space where the sky is black and curvature of the Earth is clearly visible. Then, at the appropriate altitude the balloon is cut away and the payload parachutes gracefully back to the ground, hopefully not too far from the launch site, at which point it starts to transmit its location as well as the pictures taken back to base via the 3G connection. The Mini 9 will make an excellent flight computer, being both light weight and having a built in mobile data connection. I can hardly weight for the first flight.

  4. James Cox says:

    Getting online is like some kind of hardline to the rest of the world. So i reckon I’d use it on the Bus. Why? Because there’s nothing better than looking out of the window at work… that there’s no distractions, and they tend to go in a circle. PERFECT OFFICE. and since being online is enough to get the job done…. why not? :)

  5. James Cox says:

    if working on a bus doesn’t excite, then why not work with some farmers and let them checkout their ‘stock’ prices whilst herding their cows. It’s like offline/online stock. awesome. :)

  6. James Cox says:

    when i’ve run out of real books to read, how about a net book? there’s like at least a billion pages before i reach ? :)

  7. Alessia Antonelli says:

    I would take my computer to church. I know there is a blasphemy component (a little circuitry pun) attached to it… but… priest’s Sunday’ preaching normally lasts for 40 minutes in itself, bringing the total length of the service to over an hour. If I sit on the last bench surfing the net, or writing my mails or doing a little bit of work, I will know that God won’t mind. After all the reason I am there is so that can keep out of that very special kind of purgatory… known as Dell Hell (a little tongue in cheek honorary to Jeff Jarvis).

  8. Charles O'Neil says:

    My cats name is Isabella Rossellini
    An Essex cat, arrived as a stray
    White stilettos and pregnant to boot
    Came in the window, in a bad way
    To the vet she went, three weeks spent
    Then a month, three kittens to the day
    Lovely story but…
    … the Dell Mini, I hear you say?
    Well the kids left home
    Isabella is left all alone
    Plastic toys are only so much fun
    It is time for infinity cat and other things that can be done
    Let’s not restrict the competition to location
    Let’s open it to interesting people, species and vocation

  9. Dungeekin says:

    I’d take it to the Houses of Parliament, and liveblog from the Strangers Gallery.

    After all – the netbook is the absolute antithesis of MPs:

    - It’s good value – they’re not;
    - It does what you need it to do – politicians don’t;
    - Fact-checking is easy with a Netbook (they could sure use some help there!);
    - And, of course, you only have to punch the information into your Netbook once.

    An uncommonly good Netbook in the Commons, publishing Creative Commons work from the Commons. Uncommonly confusing!


  10. Llama trekking – a new venture of mine in 2009 – so while someone else is taking my llamas for a walk (with me following behind to make sure they don’t get lost or spooked) I could be surfing the net and planning the next trek!

    BTW – trekking will be in North Devon, and we live in that 2% of the country where coverage is intermittent to say the least, so it would be a challenge!

  11. Replacing sheet music at gigs. I’d put it on my music stand with the tunes pre-arranged (pun) into sequence, so I simply pressed enter to move to the next song.
    If a situation arose, as it sometimes does, where a tune has to be transposed on the fly (eg a singer cannot reach a high note, so we all play lower), we could instantly transpose using Sibelius, or similar.

    Sound simple, but I’ve not seen it in a laptop.

    Also mean I wouldn’t have to carry a huge music bag of sheet music around just in case we need to play a request etc.

  12. Rhys Wilkins says:

    I’d use it to upload my position to a website, so that my son can see when I’ve arrived outside his mother’s house ready to collect him for weekends together. That way I don’t have to sit outside while he gets his homework/coat/shoes/brain/stuff together! Then I’d let him play Flash games on it on the way home, so that I’m not breaking my neck trying to talk to him in the back of the car as we drive home together. Then, I’d put it on charge for the next trip…

  13. hugh garry says:

    It’s not sympathy I’m after here, I just thought you might see the humourous side as to why I need a new laptop. One of my teenage sons melted the keys off my last laptop. Y’see having spilled a cup of tea on it he thought I’d never know once he’s dried the thing out using a hairdryer on full heat. unfortunately he didn’t foresee the keys falling off and obviously hoped that I wouldn’t notice the site he was viewing when he incident happened freezing the browser. He tried to hide the keys and like all good teenages would do, pretended he knew nothing and blamed it on his younger brother (who was away on camp at the time).

    So left with just the vowels o.a.i.e. and consonants p.t.l.n.m.d. even carol vorderman would struggle to survive making much use of it. Having said that if I ever need to use the phases ‘Pollinated Limp’, ‘Allied Mint Plop’, ‘Napped Till Limo’ or even ‘Tail Mold Nipple’ then my remaining 10 letters are all I need. After all they’re all I need to write the phrase ‘dell-mini-laptop’ too which can’t be such a bad thing when trying to blag a free dell now can it.

    True story.

    Apart form the bit about the remaining letters.

    I lied about them to win.

    God that was desperate…

  14. Ben O'Steen says:

    Well, I couldn’t decide on just one unusual place to use it, so I made a tool to help me: (or at

  15. Tom Morris says:

    A full-size touch-typeable keyboard and a data connection? Some live Twitter action while having my ‘orrible British teeth fixed. Then some live streaming video action while hiding under the table, recovering from sadistic practices of dentist by napping and drinking vodka. And, of course, when I’m down in the local cupcake shop destroying my teeth, I could use it to maintain an online database of all the various sugary cake toppings for sale. Then when, after a binge on sugar, combined with a hazy drunkenness from drinking vodka straight from the bottle, I find myself buried waist deep in old books and Ethernet cable, I can go online and try to get help for my desperate situation and repel ne’er-do-wells by showing them Goatse pics with Rick Astley playing in the background.

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