Videos 24 Nov 2008

The top rated product video is absolutely brilliant. It’s Guitar Hero in the real world. Using a bike and lots of marks on the road, the game is recreated with superb timing and lots of practice. The video has been generating a lot of discussion this week about whether it is real or not and the conclusion seems to be yes, it was all laid out on the road and timed to perfection. It’s all to support the release of Guitar Hero World Tour.

Close behind in the rankings is this World of Warcraft promotion from Ozzy Osbourne, trading on his name as the Prince of Darkness.

You Tube launched it’s ‘Live’ programme on Saturday night and this promo from the Will it Blend got watched a lot in the lead up. The team were appearing live to blend something or other

In a strange moment on serendipity, this commercial (or at least a shortened version) was on the telly as I got to it in the rankings. It’s for the game Singing Lips, on multiple platforms

So there we have it, a week dominated by games, just in time for Christmas.

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