Toshiba Time Sculpture

I love this ad, it looks brilliant and I keep watching it and every time find new things. The facts behind it are pretty impressive.

  • The TV ad was shot using 200 Toshiba Gigashot Cameras: the highest number of moving image cameras ever used in a film sequence
  • This particular technique, viewing looping action in 360 degrees, has never been done before
  • The rig was custom built weighing approximately half a tonne, including 200 cameras and electronics
  • The rig measures 14m diameter circle and 1.8m high
  • The 200 cameras were all triggered using a single remote control
  • Once the rig was built, four focus pullers spent three days focusing and aligning all 200 cameras
  • The time spent processing footage from 200 cameras was over four weeks – 24 hours a day seven days a week!
  • New offline and online editing software had to be specifically built for the job
  • In terms of data, this is one of the biggest jobs a post-production house has ever taken on – 20TB of data

But I’m not sure how the ad itself ties into the products it is advertising, which are ‘upscaling’ products from Toshiba, TV, DVD Players and laptops that take a standard TV signal and upgrade it to something close to high definition, so you can watch all the standard programmes a better way. A cool ad, a cool product, but how do they connect for you?

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