The Times and Save the Children

Prince and Save the Children

The Tube has had a lot of these ads in the last few weeks, in both the big version shown here and the smaller, on-train version. There’s also been TV advertising this weekend, to promote their Christmas appeal in support of Save the Children which starts today..

On The Times site, there’s just a small promo on the front page through to the main appeal section. When you hit this page, I’m quite disappointed. At first glance, there’s no ready explanation and no call to action – this is all to raise money and I have to search for a way to do that.

The Times Christmas Appeal (screenshot from site)
The Times Christmas Appeal (screenshot from site)

Compare this to what I see in the browser when I go to the Save the Children page, which is a lot more direct in its call to donate..

Save the Children (screenshot from site)
Save the Children (screenshot from site)

So what else does this digital campaign offer us:

It’s all about letting us get to know these people, understand them and empathise them, to raise money in a time where western donors feel the need to save. They’re only asking for a pound though, just a small amount from every Times reader – as the first poster to the message board says:

Credit crunch? this really puts things in perspective.. Let’s hope the children of kingsville get the chance to survive and prosper

I mostly like this campaign, the online and offline interconnectedness, with regular stories in the paper to keep the idea front of mind backed up with information on the site and a way to interact. A good charity digital appeal, nothing too exciting, but solid.

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