Hewlett Packard It Kwando

Hewlett Packard (with their agency Publicis Modem) bring you this quite cute game, You play Dave, a network master, who gets to wander round the levels working his IT Kwando, collecting ring tokens and battling the forces of phishers and crackers. Well, you would if the game worked right. I got to the second level onthe first go; on the second, after I’d killed everyone, it showed me all the tokens but would not let me collect and then just kept incrementing my score!

HP IT Kwando screenshot from site
HP IT Kwando screenshot from site

The game is there to support Procurve, HPs Network Solutions. I think it gets its targeting right, putting the game in mystical terms, about how Dave showed the way, as long as you assume that the guys with the money to buy the solution are as much a geek as those who may be SysAdmins. There’s a little branding, but once inthe game, you can’t find a link to the product – there’s no link back so no integration with the rest of the marketing. This definitely feels like an add on to the message, not a key part. (It is fun though when it works)

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