Bearded LadyBoarding from Oregon Scientific

The Idea

This is an ad for a camera – a tough, take it anywhere, simple to use camera from Oregon Scientific. They’ve tied up with sport of Bearded Ladyboarding to promote their ATC3K Action Camera, shooting the athletes doing their runs downhill.

Apparently this extreme sport has its origins over a millennium ago, “when Vikings in isolated parts of Northern Europe would competitively race rudimentary wooden boards down steep hills as part of an annual festival to celebrate their masculinity.” The sport came back to popularity in the early 70′s, along with the traditional dress and beard, The sport got popular with rock bands, where beards were common and continued to grow, although today there are some who dare to try it clean-shaven. There’s now even an attempt to get it involved in the 2012 Olympics.

The site itself has a pretty good game that kept me involved – nothing too complex, just a racing game. It’s worth playing to see the videos at the end of it, where you can link out to the main site for information about the product. You can play the game to win a camera, grab some images or watch the video.

What I think

Of course, the sport of Bearded Ladyboarding is completely made up, but I guess they had fun in the process. I’ll admit that Oregon Scientific is not a company I’d heard of but they’re trying some cool marketing to promote their goods. I like this, it’s completely silly whilst demonstrating the product well.

According to the email I got :This game was fashioned by Rubber Republic for Oregon Scientific to promote the ATC3K Action Camera to blokes in UK, France, Germany and Italy in the run up to Christmas.” I like the fact they do not seem to be releasing this and leaving it up there, they’re going to be testing the links out and refining them as appropriate, to track what works best and to do more of it. I also like that they’ve brought the language and tone to the main site, which is so often missed when a brand develops a game; leaving it as a standalone just looks like it’s an add-on and not one they are paying attention to. That’s not the case here, everything seems to tie together well.

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