A Real Guitar from the Guitar Centre

A few weeks ago, at Playful, Roo Reynolds demonstrate how to turn his plastic guitar into a real guitar, or at least an instrument you can play your own music on instead of just following the onscreen cues.

Roo Reyolds plays “Hotel California” from Tom Armitage on Vimeo.

The Idea

The popularity of the games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero may be leading to an increase in sales for the real instruments, a situation the Guitar Centre is trying to capitalise on. They’ve pulled together a nice site where you can personalise a video e-card, by uploading your face or just adding your name, to let your nearest and dearest know that all you want for Christmas is a Real Guitar.

A real Guitar (screenshot from site)
A real Guitar (screenshot from site)

You have 4 videos to choose from, from a cheesy song through to a lovely arty one, so go ahead and decide which one suits you.

What I think

I like the site design, I like the choice of options and I like the very, very cheesy song. It’s topical and works well in the current craze for music games, it has a single purpose and keeps to that. I was a little disappointed that there were not many easter eggs on the site, as the design is perfect for that, but the one that is there at least gives you 10% off your guitar.

The Pitch

A great pitch to the right email with the right sort of information from Cohn&Wolfe (someone I don’t think I’ve heard from before). This was not a full social media Press Release, but a short note that pointed me inthe right direction. I liked the fact that they also pointed me to a similar site as a way to extend the story, more tips for me to follow. The site was Elf Yourself, the subject of a post I’ve not finished yet!

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